The Studio

It’s no secret that I’ve had a paint brush in my hand for longer than I had a camera. My mother, in her wonderful wisdom, schooled me in the arts from a young age and never withheld the good art supplies from us.

We visited museums and galleries, we learned about the great masters and innovative works, and we knew what we did and didn’t like in artwork before we knew for certain what movies we liked best. The arts were fundamental in my upbringing, and neither myself nor my siblings suffered for that.

When I moved to Boston, I put my camera down for a bit and picked the brush back up. I studied medieval art and techniques, delved into reading and writing old calligraphic hands, and I have many, many teachers to thank for my knowledge now. I’m still learning, and applying those lessons daily.

Last year I was contacted by a game designer about work for a game he was developing. I had such fun with that project that I was inspired (and encouraged) to arrange for a gallery show which came to pass this past February. The show was successful and the Studio was born. I have to admit, I love my paintings as much as I love my photographs and I am overjoyed to devote time and energy to both at last.

Published by E.M. Studios

Owner and Lead Artist at EM Studios - a photography and fine art studio in the Greater Boston Metro area.

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