These things are always awkward…

It is hard sometimes to sit down and talk about yourself, but that’s what a blog is for, right?

My first camera was a Polaroid, large and bulky and a wonderful thing. My grandfather would bring me home packs of film, and my grandmother lovingly kept them in the fridge till I could use them. Those packs of film were more precious to me than anything else. Eventually I received a Kodak 35mm camera (I bypassed 110 film completely) and a whole new world of photography opened up to me.
I still have both of those cameras. You can’t just get rid of memories like that.

Eventually I put the camera down, and got on with the business of high school. I pick the camera back up when the USAF handed me one, and I shot for them for almost 2 years. When I exited, I picked up my mother’s camera till I bought one of my own – a Canon AE2, as fully manual as you can possibly get – and a metric ton of glass for it. Not long after that (with the perks of working for a camera shop) I got a Canon Elan 7e and that’s when I went pro.

Within the year I was shooting with NBC and Primedia, I was a published photojournalist for VW Trends, and I had traveled internationally covering street luge races in Austria and Switzerland after a successful weekend in Salamanca, NY for the Gravity Games. After a few years, the magazine folded and I got out of the race world for a slower pace of photo sessions – weddings and models. It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to wake up at 5am to make it to the racetrack on time.

And on I went, until I moved to Maryland and began teaching photography at the Montpelier Arts Center. I loved all my students, and the Arts Center was a fantastic place to teach. My students at the Center, in addition to my private tutor students, made my time in MD a wonderful experience photographically.

Published by E.M. Studios

Owner and Lead Artist at EM Studios - a photography and fine art studio in the Greater Boston Metro area.

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